Manumold Refurbished Machines

Each refurbished machine comes with warranty and the after sales service support providing peace of mind.

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Manumold Injection Moulding Machine Refurbishment

Immpress Ltd services and supports our refurbished machines post sale,

The Manumold moulding machines Immpress Ltd supply are refurbished to the highest condition.

The machines are inspected by a time served diagnostic engineer, cleaned and run up at high pressures and speeds to show any leaks or areas of concern.

The plasticising unit is examined for wear and all parts replaced then retested

All leaks or malfunctions are resealed or repaired, worn mechanical parts are replaced with original Manumold spares.The machine is then stripped; panel work is shot blasted and painted.

After the machine has been re-assembled it is rigorously tested again, speeds, pressures and temperatures are calibrated and a report is generated.
Immpress Ltd fit moulding tools to all machines to ensure that the moulding process functions correctly, prospective customers are invited to bring their moulds for testing before final delivery.

Immpress Ltd can deliver the finished Manumold machines reducing transport costs.



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